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Crane X is a revolutionary new building system that dramatically reduces the amount of time and labour required to construct tall buildings.

This is a complete construction engineering solution, which brings the many benefits of production-line automation to high-rise building, and so offers huge gains for developers and contractors.

By using prefabricated, modular components and structural steel in preference to reinforced concrete; and by automating all of the key construction processes,

Crane X has done away with the need for tower cranes and many other outdated practices, in favour of a truly 21st century solution, one that’s optimised for speed, efficiency and safety.

Transforming construction

Historical Context

In the days when bricks and mortar were the only options, the practical limit for most buildings (pyramids and cathedrals excluded) was around ten stories.

In the late 1800s the development of new steel manufacturing processes and lift elevators allowed the very first ‘skyscrapers’ to be built. Long, lightweight steel beams could now be hoisted by cranes and bolted into place by manual labour. Concrete was also extensively incorporated for structural strength.

After more than 100 years, these are the principles that still largely define high-rise construction today. Current practice is to begin with a centre-core, supporting a tower crane. This offers functional and structural advantages, but the process is still incredibly slow, mainly due to the limitations of the tower crane.

Back in 1908, Henry Ford automated car production and launched the Model T Ford. This started a revolution that has transformed every sector of manufacturing. High-rise construction however, has remained elusive, because of its unique challenges.

Crane X is the long-awaited breakthrough, that’s brought all the benefits of production line automation to high-rise. It opens up so many new and exciting possibilities for developers and contractors.

This is the future of high-rise construction.

Transforming construction

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