Product Overview

What is Crane X?

Product Overview

A safer, faster way.

Crane X is new building system that rapidly installs and stabilises structural columns. It does retain some well-established building techniques but these have been integrated into an approach that is fundamentally new, based on patent-protected innovation in design and engineering.

Most significant, are the Hydraulic Lift Actuator units (HLAs). These are automated, multi-functional assembly robots that work in a synchronised array, to install large numbers of columns. Once installed, the columns become the means by which the HLAs lift themselves into position to install the next set of columns. This installation cycle repeats, with the HLAs progressing higher on each cycle. The structure rises rapidly, and the necessary stabilisation is provided by further engineering innovations.

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The Technology

The Stability Guide Structure works in conjunction with the HLA units during the most critical part of the installation sequence, ensuring stability and alignment.

As the structure grows taller, the columns require further stabilisation. The Gateway Structure is an ingenious solution that locks onto the columns to provide stability, but still allows the HLAs to pass through, so that they can continue adding more columns.

The columns themselves are another defining feature of Crane X. They’re specially engineered, using industry-standard, crosswelded i-beam steel; and they are the main structural and modular component of the system. These are fed into the HLA units at ground level by automated loader units.

The building is divided in to several phases or zones. When it reaches a certain height, the current zone is permanently stabilised, and floor platforms are installed. The zone is ‘topped out’ with concrete. This provides the new ‘ground slab’ for the next zone. A tall building may have up to five zones, possibly even more.

The construction industry today
Facts & figures


  • 60% Estimated reduction in labour force required.
  • 30% Estimate increase in building footprint size.
  • 75% Estimated decrease in time to handover of keys.

Benefits of Crane X

Dividing the building into separate construction zones, and using modular components, makes Crane X extremely versatile, so it’s ideal for different kinds of medium to high-rise developments. Offsite prefabrication of components makes it very efficient. The elimination of tower cranes means that there is no reduction of the floor space in the upper zones, so the building maintains its maximum footprint, all the way to the top.

  • Crane X has solved the elusive problem of how to create an automated assembly system that’s safe and effective for high-rise construction
  • This means dramatic productivity gains. Even on cautious estimates, Crane X has shown speed gains of between 50 and 70 percent.
  • Reducing the time to complete a typical high-rise building from five years, down to two years, and probably even less.
The crane x system

Global Patent Portfolio

Granted by the European Patent Office with a Category ‘A1’ search novelty result.

Patents granted and in force within United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, United States of America, China and Australia.

Patents pending: United Arab Emirates and India.

The crane x system

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